Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Another Way to Attach Photos and Files to Work Profile Apps

Hello Everyone!

In my previous post I went over one way to share files into the work profile. 

After poking around at it a little bit more I realized there is another way to attach files and photos into work profile apps that may be a little easier for everyone. 

In this walk through we will go through attaching a file to an existing email thread in the Outlook App but the process should be similar.

It is important to note that this will be done on a Samsung S10 and the process may differ on other device platforms.

Choose to attach a file from within your application. This should open a file explorer app

Once you are in your file explorer open the menu, mine is in the top left. Inside the menu you want to choose the 'More Apps' option

The 'More Apps' options should allow you to choose applications and files that exist outside of the Android Work Profile, if your organization allows it in the settings. Once you are able to see you outside files choose the one you want to insert into your mail, Teams message, Onedrive upload, etc. In our case we are going to choose a picture of this awesome and hilarious custom VW Bug from my local Lowes parking lot.

Hopefully between this method and the previous post you can continue using your applications as you always have when enrolled with a Work Profile.

Have a good one!