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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Intune App Protection Policies and iOS Exemptions

Disclaimer: While the below information should be true, it can still be hit or miss getting this to work!

Hello Everyone!

No amount of searching has been very helpful for me personally when trying to find iOS application identifier URLs. 

A URL identifier is a unique name that each iOS application must have. Using this name an existing application on an iOS device can call upon that app to perform actions, such as open a file. 

To my knowledge there is no list out there for such identifiers. What I would like to do is start that list here. (Edit 12-2019 : I have found this site with additional URL identifiers

My only methods to finding out this URL identifier are to either ask the developer or to take a guess and test it inside of safari. If you open safari and type the following into the address bar


You should get a result of either app not found, or something that asks if you would like to allow an app to open the webpage. For an example using Salesforce (salesforce1://) see screen shots below.



Without further ado here is the very short list of ones I have used in the past. If you know any additional ones leave a comment below and lets get them added to the list.

  • Salesforce - salesforce1
  • Go To Meeting - gotomeeting
  • AutoCAD DWG Viewer and Editor - autocad
  • Webex - wbx
  • Zoom Cloud Meetings - zoomus
  • Slack - slack
  • Apple Maps - maps
  • Google Maps - googlemaps
  • Docusign - Docusignit

The items on this list were generated by myself and the community. I have not verified the accuracy of most of them. I am asking for the communities help in either adding to the list or for a more foolproof way of finding out the applications URL identifier.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Waze - waze

    Does anyone know for Docusign?

  2. I found a pretty hard one to figure out:
    DocuSign = docusignit

    1. Hey thanks! I didnt realize my comments were turned off sorry I didnt around to this.

  3. Hi, I am currently trying to create exceptions for the following applications in MAM:


    I was wondering if you can help me with how to create an "Exemption". What would go under the Value for each of them apps.

    1. SalesForce and Docusign can be found above but I have not found great success with it personally. I am currently of the opinion that its just broken or I have the wrong URL Identifiers.

      As for Asana, CallingTree, and WebExpenses I have no clue what those URL Identifiers are, you should contact those vendors to see if they know.

      As for how to actually add the exemptions you can follow the guidance here

      Remember iOS uses the URL Identifier which is a pain to find. Android uses the package name which works and is super easy to find. Its not the same value between the platforms.