Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Share Photos With Android Work Profile

Hello again Internet!

 In this post today I would like to do a guide on how to share items with the Android Work Profile. 

When we want to share something in Teams, Outlook, etc most people start off in the app that we are creating the communication from. In our example today we will use Teams. 

The issue is that, due to the architecture of the Work Profile, it will show an empty gallery usually. More precisely it only shows your 'Work' files to choose from.

In order to get around this and to share you personal items, assuming the Work Profile configuration allows it you need to start off in the photo you want to share. Once there you choose the share icon in the bottom left. Please note I tried to sanatize these images of any personal info so expect some red and white MSPaint skills.

EDIT: I just realized the image below may be confusing. The image below is a screen capture of the Outlook App I did earlier. The screenshot below is an image in my phones photos app, not an actual Outlook screen.

Once you have chosen to share the image the share window will come up. This can look different depending on the photo gallery app you have, device manufacturer, and even OS version. What you should see though is an option for the Work Profile. The blue suitcase in the screen grab below.

Once you choose to share the image to the Work Profile a new menu will pop up and allow you to choose which work badged app to share it to. In our test case I will choose Teams.

Once you make your selection it will open your work badged app and allow you to choose which communication channel to share the image to.

Once you choose your chat, I just chose Joe from my recent chats list, it will upload the image into the chat and you can then send it.

Hope this quick tutorial helps some of you out there and allows you to continue communicating in the ways you have been in a new Work Profile world.

Have a good one!